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What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing uses a number of practices to help people restore their well-being through a process of touch, love, and empathy. Regardless of your race, religion, or political beliefs, if you feel unwell, you can seek healing through a healer to complement your treatment and quicken your recovery process. There is no medicine involved in the process of spiritual healing as the healer transfers the energy from a spiritual source and re-directs it to the ailing person.

Spiritual healing was believed to be first practiced in ancient Egypt, Jerusalem, and the Orient, where many mediators carried out healing sessions in their temples of worship. In early civilizations, many practitioners received their training from temple scholars; however, spiritual healing was feared by priests as they considered it to be a supernatural act.

When you hear the word ‘spiritual’ you may immediately think of religion, but this is not so. Every human being has a non-physical life force that has nothing to do with religion or faith. In fact, all aspects of life that are unconnected to the physical self such as thoughts and emotions are part of a person’s spiritual nature. Since everyone possesses these aspects of life, this type of healing can be performed on all individuals regardless of their faith or religion.

Different forms of Spiritual Healing

photo of spiritual healing rock image spiritual healing What are the benefits of Spiritual Healing? spiritual healing image smallThe most common form of spiritual healing that people practice is prayer, but there are many others such as visualisation, meditation, and yoga. The meditation technique is said to have derived from Tibetan Buddhists, which works by first acknowledging the problem or pain before letting go of it. These meditation techniques help people develop empathy and understand that their suffering could be a lot worse. Patients visualise their sense of well-being and synchronise their thoughts with their breathing until a feeling of completion is achieved.

Energy healing consists of different breathing exercises that are considered as the most effective method of enlightening the mind and the spirit. This meditation technique has been used for many centuries to help people explore their inner beings and feel well again.

Yoga works in the same way by creating balance and harmony. Healers believe that aiming for inner peace will lead to creating balance in the outside world, and as yoga techniques are centred on relaxation, the body can rid itself of stress and anxiety, thus becoming more receptive to inner healing. Only through increased awareness of your body can you overcome challenges that you face in your everyday life and learn how to deal with them better.

An acceptance to change and adapting a positive attitude in wanting to feel healthy again will make the spiritual healing session even more effective. As spirituality is a journey that connects your mind, body, and soul to create harmony, in most cases, help from experts will be required to fulfil your spiritual conquests. These healers can help people who have lost the will to live and feel depressed as well as those who feel overwhelmed by their fears.

Benefits of Spiritual Healing

If you want to receive spiritual healing, you should discuss the procedure with a healer who will explain exactly how it works. Once you agree on the most comfortable option, you may begin your session.

The benefits of this therapeutic procedure include:

• Gaining emotional and spiritual growth
• Aiding the body to let go of stress and tension and creating deep relaxation
• Feeling better physically and delaying the aging process
• Building a stronger immune system
• Accelerating your body’s self-healing abilities
• Eliminating insomnia
• Regulating blood pressure
• Helping drug and alcohol addicts break their habit
• Helping with chronic illnesses such as asthma, migraines, arthritis, and other acute ailments
• Removing the bad energy that creates pessimism from the mind
• Removing blocked energy through increased blood flow
• Assisting the body in ridding itself of toxins
These are just some of the many positive benefits of spiritual healing, but there are lots more which you will discover during your therapy sessions. The healing starts with the mediator placing his hand close to a specific part of your body without actually touching it, this is known as ‘close to the body healing’, which works just as well as ‘contact healing’ where the healer places his/her hands on your body with your permission.

The healer will then ask you to describe your problems, and it is at this point that he/she will hold your hands or stand either behind you or in front of you to say a prayer.

The duration of the session varies from patients to patients, but it usually lasts between ten minutes to half an hour. During the session, the healer will ask you to breathe deeply and relax your mind and body. Closing your eyes for this process will help you relax quicker. Some patients feel a little warmer, or cooler during the therapy session, while others don’t feel any change at all. As long as you relax and enjoy the session, you will feel positive changes soon after.

Spiritual Healing Demonstration

An Energy Healing hands on off Aura Methods & Channelling Workshop demonstration video.